Who is OhSnap?

OhSnap is a mobile accessories brand with the goal to elevate the experience of our everyday technologies without sacrificing style, comfort, or utility. OhSnap’s sleek products aim to create a hassle-free user experience, from magnetic phone grips and stands to wireless chargers.  

What Needs Work?

OhSnap’s primary objective was to scale revenue while decreasing customer acquisition. They found in the past when they scaled advertising spend efforts that customer acquisition costs became unprofitable. OhSnap needed to unlock insights within paid media channels and discover what type of ad campaigns allowed them to scale their business. OhSnap wanted to increase scale of media spend and revenue, decrease CPA, and diversify media mix with their new agency partner. 

What We Did:

Modifly aimed to learn what needed to change in OhSnap’s marketing strategies. OhSnap struggled to keep CPA from skyrocketing and needed to drive revenue from ad campaigns. 

  1. Customer Purchase Mapping:

    Modifly found that 70% + of customers converted from only 1-2 ads, leading to a spending shift to top-funnel marketing efforts and optimizing the flow of email and SMS.

  2. AOV optimization:

    More than half of OhSnap’s customers were re-purchasing items or buying more within 14-21 days of their order delivery, presenting a unique opportunity for product bundling. From this, Modifly helped OhSnap create and test new product bundles.

  3. Paid Media Channel Diversification:

    78% of all historical orders were within a 35 or younger group but all media spend was happening on Meta & Google Channels. With a better understanding of who is buying from OhSnap we were able to implement new platforms like TikTok and YouTube in addition to scaling existing channels.

  4. Creative Optimization:

    Knowing the purchase behaviors of the OhSnap customers we identified the need for more compelling upper funnel creative. This allowed us to test a variety of creative hooks and offers which decreased new customer acquisition and allowed for additional media spend to occur month over month

The Outcome with Modifly:

Months 1-3: 

Ad spend: 58% increase 

New Customer Acquisition Cost: 31.5% decrease 

MER: 17.5% decrease 

Revenue: 91.5% increase 

Months 1-6:

Ad spend: 77.54% increase 

New Customer Acquisition Cost: 40.88% decrease 

MER: 28% decrease 

Revenue: 146.5% increase 

Months 1-9:

Ad spend: 80% increase 

New Customer Acquisition Cost: 42.5% decrease 

MER: 27% decrease 

Revenue: 146.29% increase 

Day 1-1 Year:

Ad spend: 75% increase 

New Customer Acquisition Cost: 34% decrease 

MER: 28% decrease 

Revenue: 142% increase 

Result summary: 

Day 1 – Day 365: 

Ad spend: 75% increase 

New Customer Acquisition Cost: 34% decrease 

MER: 28% decrease 

Revenue: 142% increase 

AOV: 8% increase 

Conversion rate: 54% increase 

CTR: 24% increase